Engineering services has increasingly depends on close collaboration among distributed teams and partners. Using technologies like the cloud and messaging applications, we believe virtual teams can be as effective as those housed in a single building. Our engineers are skilled at capitalising on these opportunities. Because we have the right people and processes in place, we design faster, reduce cycle times and achieve higher ROI.

Challenges We Address With rising costs and margin pressures mounting across industries, manufacturing companies are looking beyond their shores to optimize their product engineering and R&D services in order to shorten product development time and get an early advantage in a highly competitive business landscape. At abrigo, we understand the importance of both – innovating to provide a competitive edge, and customising existing products within the minimum possible time-frames.

Mechanical Engineering and Design Services: Abrigo offers advanced mechanical engineering and design services to customers across the aerospace, automotive, telecom, consumer and medical devices, semiconductors, and storage and computing industries, helping them develop complex mechanical designs and products, significantly reduce time-to-market, and penetrate early into existing and emerging markets.

Abrigo is a one-stop solutions provider of mechanical engineering and design services with capabilities throughout the product development life cycle, such as – conceptual design, industrial and mechanical engineering design, CAD modeling and detailing, simulation, analysis and prototyping, product testing, and manufacturing.

What You Can Expect expect?
Up to 40% time to market benefits
Up to 60% cost benefits
Improved product design
Improved manufacturability
Product life-cycle extension

At Abrigo, we enjoy a heritage of innovation and expertise that has positioned the company to answer some of the world’s toughest power management challenges. Whatever your requirements are, our highly skilled team of electrical consultants and engineers are at your service. We have experience with a vast range of systems, including lighting and power installations, fire alarms and emergency lighting, LED and energy efficient lighting, Solar PV Panels for home or office, supplied and installed.

Our electrical engineering services include:Power transmission and distribution systems
Medium voltage switch-gear
Motor control centres
Power factor correction
Emergency power and transfer systems
Uninterruptible power supplies
Surge suppression and lightning protection
Lighting systems
Life safety protection systems
Design planning and installation
Maintenance and repair

Abrigo Engineering’s computer modelling specialists are trained and certified in the latest electrical software solutions to perform:

  • Load flow analysis
    Short circuit analysis
    Transient stability analysis
    Protective relay coordination
    Arc-hazard flash analysis

These software applications enable our engineers to deliver state-of-art analytical modeling tools that increase productivity, reliability, and support the design of safe and reliable electrical systems.

Our Civil engineering services is a vast domain covering planning, designing and construction of infrastructure such as commercial and residential buildings; transportation infrastructure including roads, bridges, railways; water distribution systems such as dams, canals, sanitation; environmental infrastructure like landscaping, city planning, parks; industrial infrastructure; construction management; construction engineering and a lot more. With tremendous growth of economy all over the world, there is a need to implement cost-effective, yet efficient civil engineering and construction engineering practices in order to meet the mounting needs while meeting budget and time constraints.

What You Can Expect?
A complete range of professional and cost-effective offshore civil engineering services including construction management, primary surveying and, planning from a single source.

Faster turnaround for rapid execution of construction engineering projects
A team of qualified civil engineers who have complete knowledge of standards and regulations in different countries and have worked with the topmost construction companies.
Use of advanced technologies and applications to make the process faster and accurate.
Following engineering standards to evaluate every factor that might influence the project.
Expertise in planning small to large and complex civil engineering projects
Attention to detail and problem solving approach.

Our Civil Engineering services include:
Site Development
Road & Parking Lot Design
Utilities Design
Infrastructure Assessments & Maintenance Planning
Water resources engineering
Transportation Planning & Engineering
Industrial engineering

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.